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CANARI Tech Demo v1 Release and Feedback Info

Hello Strange World!
Hello Strange World!

PixelBot Games is proud to announce that our first technical demo, a very rough estimation of the base game mechanics, has been released for a few weeks now to our PixelBots. Feedback is being logged over at our subreddit. We’d love to hear what works, what’s confusing and ultimately what you think.

In preparation for the next iteration, we’d like to share this version with all of our viewers. You can download the demo from this link (66mb). This is a PC build of the demo and we highly recommend using an xbox 360 controller, but keyboard and mouse are supported. If you have a Mac, don’t fret. We are working on a Mac friendly version that should release with our v2 update. Remember our PixelBots get first dibs. If you want the most up to date, experimental builds, sign up on our mailing list and become a PixelBot!

As always you can send feedback or questions to craig@pixelbotgames.com. Thanks for playing!