About Us

From Whence We Came…

PixelBot Games was formed in 2013 with the desire to build games that foster collaborative design, fun game play experiences, and fresh ideas. While PBG is a new brand, we bring over 20 years of combined game development experience. We are collective of insane after hours coders, artists, and designers primarily based in the Washington, DC area.

You’re Doing What Now?

Currently PBG is developing their first title aimed at Steam Greenlight for PC and Mac. With enough success, we will then turn our sights on PS4 and Vita handheld. Our current estimate for our first playable demo is Fall 2014.

Pixelbot Is These Fine Gentlemen

Craig Stevenson
Designer, Co-Founder

Rob Hafey
Programmer, Co-Founder

Tariq Lateef
3D Artist, Freelancer

Kevin Appel
3D Artist, Freelancer

Nate Ten
Concept Artist, Freelancer

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